”Contact CI's haptic glove is the missing piece we need for true telepresence hands."
Harry Kloor, XPRIZE co-founder, CEO and co-founder at Beyond Imagination Inc.
"Contact CI is working on one of the most important parts of VR's future."
Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR founder, CTO and co-founder of Anduril Industries
"Thanks for the feels. Maestro is an amazing piece of haptic tech."
Professor David Parisi, author of Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing
Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics
Exotendon Force Feedback
Our proprietary system of tendon biomimicry creates a restricting force on each individual finger.
Variable Fingertip Vibration
Vibrotactile actuation to engage your hand's most sensitive touch receptors on each fingertip by utilizing over 100 unique vibration effects.
Broad Compatibility
Our tracking-system-agnostic approach means that we can integrate with almost any setup. Our Unity and Unreal SDKs make it easy to add haptics to new or existing content.
Our passion is extending the human hand’s sense of touch.
The team behind the tech
Craig Douglass
Co-Founder & CEO
Tom Buchanan
Co-Founder & Chief of Product
John Schroeder
Chief of Technology
Zach Schroeder
Lead Software Engineer
Christine Suh
Softgoods Wearable Design Lead
Lucas De Bonet
Haptic Engineering Intern
Joel Sadler
Principal Engineer