”Contact CI's haptic glove is the missing piece we need for true telepresence hands."
Harry Kloor, XPRIZE co-founder, CEO and co-founder at Beyond Imagination Inc.
"Contact CI is working on one of the most important parts of VR's future."
Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR founder, CTO and co-founder of Anduril Industries
"Contact CI has convincingly simulated the sense of touch for VR and AR."
Margaret Merkle, Innovation Cell Program Manager at U.S. Air Force
"Thanks for the feels. Maestro is an amazing piece of haptic tech."
Professor David Parisi, author of Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing
‘Feel The Unreal’: These VR/AR gloves allow you to safely touch dangerous objects
Virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) company Contact CI introduced its latest gloves, the Maestro EP, at this year’s Electronics Consumer Show (CES) 2023. The device is meant to allow wearers to "Feel The Unreal" within the grasp of their own hands, according to a press release by the company published on Wednesday.
Loukia Papadopoulos
January 8, 2023
Ohio-based haptic startup Contact CI is launching a new product, "Maestro EP" at CES 2023!
Maestro EP is a cutting-edge Multi-Force Ergonomic Haptics product. Contact CI is ushering in a new era for user interaction within simulation training and ultimately VR/AR experiences on the whole.
January 4, 2023
The VR Awards Announce 2022 Finalists
For the past six years, the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) has been recognizing incredible ground-breaking milestones in the VR industry with its annual VR Awards. Past winners have included hardware such as the Meta Quest 2 headset, social media influencers like Thrillseeker, and VR experiences including ILMxLAB’s Secrets of the Empire and Wolves in the Walls from Fable Studio.
Bobby Carlton
August 5, 2022
Air Force LCMC logo
Haptic gloves make big impact
In a recent survey, 100% of users were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Maestro haptic gloves produced by Contact Control Interfaces under a Small Business Innovation Research contract with AFLCMC’s Simulators Innovation Team.
February 2, 2022
UploadVR logo
CES Hands-On: How Two $5000 Force Feedback Gloves Compare
Many believe gloves could be the ultimate form of VR input, but most “VR gloves” simply feature vibration motors on each finger. Force feedback gloves, however, go further by actually restricting the movement of your fingers in response to a virtual object or surface.
David Heaney
January 13, 2022
Cincinnati startup punches ticket to world’s largest tech show
A Cincinnati startup is turning heads this week at CES, the world’s largest tech show in Las Vegas, with its proprietary technology that brings the sense of touch to virtual reality.
Liz Engel
January 6, 2022
Forbes logo
This Week In XR: Photogrammetry Apps Abound
Haptics gloves maker Contact CI receives Epic Mega Grant. The grant awarded to the Contact CI team is $90,000 and includes support from Epic as well as a supply of Magic Leap hand tracking hardware.
Charlie Fink
May 8, 2020
UploadVR logo
CES 2019: Contact CI Simulates Actual Touch With Motorized Tendons
Last year at CES 2018 one of my favorite demos was when I met with Craig Douglass from Contact CI and tried out their haptic glove dubbed the Maestro. It was still very much a work-in-progress device with exposed wires sticking out the back and no real glove-like casing around it all.
David Jagneaux
January 11, 2019
realite-virtuelle logo
Contact CI a présenté Maestro, ses gants haptiques géniaux pour toucher en réalité virtuelle
La startup « Contact CI » a profité du salon CES 2018 pour présenter Maestro, ses gants haptiques qui permettent de ressentir le toucher en réalité virtuelle. Des gants géniaux mais qui ne sont encore qu’au stade de prototype.
Pierrick Labbe
January 11, 2018
digitaltrends logo
Grab objects in VR for real with Contact CI's Maestro glove
Looking to develop the next generation of human interaction technologies for virtual reality, Contact Ci has debuted the Maestro, a haptic feedback glove system that uses arm-mounted motors to deliver detailed force feedback to the wearer. The idea is to have it offer much more nuanced and realistic resistance when a user encounters in-game objects.
Jon Martindale
April 14, 2017
TechCrunch logo
Contact CI’s Exotendon system brings touch to VR
Sometimes the coolest demos at a convention are tucked away in the back corners, far from the bright lights and big booths industry stalwarts. One of the hidden gems of this year’s E3 arrives courtesy Contact CI. The small Cincinnati-based startup was showing of its developer kit for the first time at the event, featuring a complex glove designed to offer more lifelike VR interactons.
Brian Heater
June 18, 2016