What's in the Box

Maestro Gloves

Force Feedback Haptics

5 force feedback motors at fingertips


5 vibration motors at fingertips


Fabric has been tested to improve tracking for the following systems:

  • Valve Index motion tracking compatible

  • Leap Motion compatible

  • Varjo hand tracking compatible

Battery Lifetime

Tenergy Li-Ion 11.1V 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack

Will last between 30min and 1 hr depending on use.


Wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy

If computer of choice already has Bluetooth capabilities, dongle is not needed.

Alternatively, if a wired connection is desired for use, contact support@contact.ci

Hygiene Gloves

Base layer designed to be worn on the hand underneath the Maestro glove as barrier between user and Maestro glove.

Use one per person to maximize hygiene and machine wash after use.

10 have been provided in box.

Fingerless design to enhance vibration haptics.

For further units, contact us at support@contact.ci