Maestro User Manual


  1. Charge the batteries

    1. Disconnect yellow connectors next to battery pouch.

    2. Connect battery to charger

  2. Setup VR equipment if not already setup

    If you haven't already setup your VR equipment, please follow setup instructions for your equipment:

  3. Setup SteamVR

    Install Steam

    Install SteamVR

    Run room setup if needed

  4. Grab our demo

    Download the appropriate version of the demo based on your headset and hand tracking setup. The latest versions can be found here

    Here are the latest versions at the time of writing:

  5. Plug in Bluetooth dongle

    If your desktop or laptop already has Bluetooth capability you can skip this step.

  6. Put on Hygiene Gloves

  7. Put on the Maestro Gloves

    1. Connect the battery to the glove:

      • Having unplugged the battery from charger, reattach the yellow connectors of the battery bag and battery cord.

    2. Open strap and loosen for Maestro glove.

    3. Slide hand all of the way into glove.

    4. Ensure gloves are not gathered at the finger. If gloves are bunching along the length of the finger, switch to a smaller size.

    5. Secure strap:

      • You may need to press the housing onto a flat surface to properly tighten.
    6. Hold arm up and align housing on top of forearm.

    7. Repeat these steps with the other Maestro glove.

  8. Turn on and pair the Maesro gloves

    After securely putting on both Maestro gloves, press buttons on back of housing to begin pairing process.

    If set up was successful, you should be able to feel the gloves slightly pulling your fingers back.

  9. Feel the Unreal

    • In the extracted folder from step 4, run the MaestroSDK executable.
    • Put on your VR headset
  10. Take off the gloves

    1. Turn off the gloves.

    2. Undo velcro and slide armband strap to loosen glove opening.

    3. Pull the glove off the hand by grabbing from the sides of the finger to remove the glove entirely.

Glove Storage

When not in use or charging, Maestro gloves should be stored in its packaging box with foam.


Let's start by looking at the LED on the back of the glove's housing:

LED is off

  • Is the glove on? Try a full press of the power button on the back of the device housing. If pressed properly, the LED should blink.

  • Is the battery charged? See step 1 to verify that the battery is charged.

  • Is the battery connected properly? Make sure the yellow connectors between the battery and device are fully together. See here

LED is red

Battery charge is low, charge the battery with the included charger. See here

LED is green

The glove is connected.

  • Do you feel anything? Check to see if you have anything else running on your computer using the device. A glove can only connect to one computer at a time, so the device may be connected to a different running instance of your application.

LED is alternating between red and blue

The glove is attempting to connect.

  • Be sure your computer has the hardware to use Bluetooth LE. If not, use the included USB dongle. Also, be sure Bluetooth is enabled in your Windows 10 action center/settings.

  • Make sure the glove is being used by only one application. The device is only able to connect to a single application at a time, and will fail to connect to other applications if it is already connected to one.

  • Make sure another glove isn’t already connected. Our software will not allow more than one of each hand. Attempts to connect a second right hand, for instance, will fail.

I can’t see anything in the headset!

If the application is running, but you can’t see it, it could be an issue with either SteamVR or Varjo. Make sure you have both SteamVR and Varjo running, and try re-running the scene.

I can’t see my hands in the demo scenes!

The hands may not show if the tracking quality is poor. Try holding both arms out in front of you with your palms away to see if the Varjo hand tracking can make it out.

If you are using Varjo and your hands still do not show up, check Varjo Base to see if anything’s wrong. If ‘Hand tracking is not working’ is displayed at the headset status, a reboot of the Varjo system will likely solve the issue. You can also refer to Varjo's troubleshooting here

If all else fails, try the following:

  • Turning the device on/off with the power button

  • Turning the device on/off by unplugging the battery

  • Exiting and restarting the application that is using the glove

  • Shutting down/restarting the computer

  • Reach out to us at